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Still Image

Since 2000, I have produced a series of paintings called “Still Image”. “Still Image” is not the painting mimicking screens, but the metonymy between different images.  The image on screen not only gives us disordered and impermanency experiences, but it also offers different profiles of the image debris in the stream of time.  “Still Image” is the suspension in the process when the image transforms from one kind of destruction to the other. The image-producing is the metonymy of destruction. That is why I always am obsessed with painting Modern ruins. However, the sense of the image-producing is not consisted of what it has produced, but in the process of producing as such reality.


In 2006, I developed the “Still Image” series into a new group of paintings –“Thousands Buddha”. This series of painting is my interpretation of Buddhist’s idea of the infinitude universes and self microcosmos. The existential Wonder of the individual’s chance dwells in the uncanny feeling of the infinitude universes; every element in the painting prefigures finitude and infinitude. It is impossible to confirm or deny it by its own.  It only appears not in a long term contemplate but in a short glance

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